Video Work Archive

This is Xbox Videos:

In 2015 I joined This is Xbox as their Video Editor, and these and the videos I created for them.

TiX Podcast Challenge Videos

Resident Evil Revelations 2- Episode 1: Penal Colony Let’s Play

First Impressions Series

#IDARB Sports Commentary Parody


Let’s Play Videos:

I love videogames, I think they’re terrific fun, exciting ways to tell stories and share experiences, and artistically fascinating, so I often record myself and my friends playing these wonderful games together.

Resident Evil 5 PC Let’s Play

One-Off Let’s Play

GTA V Short Shenanigans

Snatcher Let’s Play

Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer Let’s Play


The Sixth Axis Videos

I’ve only created one video for the site The Sixth Axis so far, but it’s a pretty funny one, starring my good friend Peter Willington as he gets intimate with a Kiss Justin Bieber app.

Kiss Justin Bieber


Blast Processing Videos:

Blast Processing was my first narrative based series, an animated web series focusing on four NPC who had become sentient in a Player run world of videogames. The official site for the show can be found here:

Blast Processing Full Cut

Blast Processing Special Videos

Blast Processing Episodes

Blast Processing Trailers


Midlife Gamer Videos:

For some time now I’ve wanted to create a video series of some sort, but doing so proved difficult. I tried a live action sitcom, but finding a filming location and struggling with a single camera was too problematic. Then it came to me, 8 bit animations, so I got together with my good friend Neale Jarrett and started creating sketches and promotional videos for Midlife Gamer.

The 8 Bit Adventures Playlist

Midlife Gamer Let’s Showcase

Midlife Gamer 8 Bit Announcements Playlist

Midlife Gamer Mystery Competition Playlist

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