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The Pier Arcade

My second commercial game, releasing soon on PC via Steam.

Play a great selection of physics-based and digital arcade games, just like those found in real-world arcades and piers, competing for high scores, tickets and jackpots.

You can Wishlist The Pier Arcade now on Steam here.

Click and Collect

This is my first commercial game, available on Android, iOS and PC.

You’ve been hired as a Customer Service Assistant to serve customers as they enter your store, handing them boxed items from the conveyor belt before they fall off and break, stuffed toys from shelving, and jewellery from a display counter.

You’ll need to stay alert and keep your wits about you to provide customers with the correct order while avoiding hazards such as fires, puddles, thieves, electrical malfunctions and your manager, as well as overcoming surprise special challenges that really push your management skills and reactions. All in an attempt to score three stars in each level.

Click and Collect is available on Android here

iOS here

or an enhanced version on PC via Steam here.

On Your Marks

The concept behind this game is a platformer with no enemies or deadly obstacles. Instead the challenge is derived from the act of platforming, mastering the simple mechanics to overcome the obstacles and reach the end of each level. Fast completion times is its own reward, and this becomes crucial during the final race. I made this game with Game Maker 2.

Controls breakdown can be accessed from the main menu.

Arrow keys or gamepad D-pad to move through the menu

Enter to confirm selection or gamepad face button 1 (A for Xbox, X for PlayStation).

On Your Marks can be downloaded for free here here.

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