Hello, I’m Greg Giddens.

I'm a writer, penning screenplays, scripts, nonsense tweets, as well as a great deal of videogame articles and reviews. I capture, film, edit and direct video and audio projects. I even animate, narrate and voice act. I am schizophrenically creative; jumping from project to project to tell stories and share experiences. Occasionally I even finish one of these projects, which is then published online for all to see, listen, read and enjoy.
This site allows you to check out the things I create, and below are my most recent pieces. Meanwhile, peruse the pages at the top to find out about more specific projects, including an animated web series I recently finished called Blast Processing.

filming 29/05/2015
Writing 29/05/2015
IDARB Commentary 08/02/2015
Kerbal Loading 15/11/2014

Blast Processing Director’s Preferred Cut

October 1, 2014



To celebrate the one year anniversary of Blast Processing launching, we’ve put together a special full cut of the series. This is the Director’s Preferred Cut, and by that we mean it’s the full series at its most cohesive for the wider audience. The intro from the pilot episode is gone, as are some of […]

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Snatcher Let’s Play

August 12, 2014



Myself and Steve Peacock knuckle down and play through Snatcher, from start to finish over 15 episodes. You can enjoy the playlist below:  

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Populous II Let’s Play

August 11, 2014



Myself and Steve Peacock take a look at the classic god game Populous II in a quick Let’s Play.  

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